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Concrete Thoughts...

Little known fact, the leaves on my logo represent my 3 grandkids, my world!


Some interesting facts about my candles….

I make each of the vessels myself, using a variety of concrete mixes and powdered pigments/acrylic paints, cast in a silicone mold.  The containers are also sealed with a concrete sealer to ensure that the fragrance remains in the wax and does not seep into a porous concrete vessel, no fears here!  No two containers are the same, which makes them an awesome treat.  The container can be repurposed after your candle is done (but is not food safe) or you can contact me to request a refill!

I use a wax pre-blend of coconut and soy to create a smooth, soft wax that works great in containers, which gives off a hot throw to die for!

I have tested several different wicks with my candles, this is the hardest part, to find the best burn pool, cold throw, hot throw, blah blah blah…  Wicks really are temperamental, you need to check your wicks before each burn, trim them if they are too long or mushroomed, but trim just a bit, because if you trim too much you might have another issue!  Sometimes wicks just don't work, if you are ever unhappy with your candle please reach out so I can make things right!

I hope that your candle meets all your high expectations!  I have put a lot of blood, sweat and time into creating a candle I would be proud to present!  You will be happy to know that I buy my ingredients locally and from small businesses!


Peg Johnson, Product Designer

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